Disabled deserve better treatment

Too many people spend time focusing on races that are traditionally discriminated against and they fail to look deeper into other types of discrimination. 

Although several races are victims of discrimination, they are not the only victims in this society.  Another minority, on the brunt end of harsh treatment, is the disabled.  These individuals are already living a tough life because of their disability, and to add to this, they are tormented, criticized and even worse, forgotten.  For this reason, Disability Awareness Month was established twenty years ago.  The purpose of this month is to increase the awareness and spotlight the needs of people with disabilities. 

This is a real issue. Many of us know, or have a friend who knows, someone who has a disability. We notice the cruel treatment of these individuals, like when someone makes a joke. Having a family member that is mentally challenged, makes it extremely difficult to take life for granted. Being around the individual and paying close attention to their life makes one notice how difficult it is for a disabled person.  They are faced with challenges on a daily basis. 

People all over the world support people with disabilities, especially in the month of October.  These people make enormous contributions, so it should not be a problem for our university to contribute in some way to this cause. The disabled students on campus should have more of their necessities met.

The most efficient contribution the university can make is to alter the campus to make it convenient for all students. 

A major problem for people with disabilities is mobility. 

People with disabilities rely on other people and objects to ease their movement. If the university would make additions like more ramps and rails, then students with disabilities would know the university cares.

Disabled students would see that a new gym is not all this campus actually needs.

Modifying the campus would not only make the campus suitable for all students, but this change would encourage disabled students to participate in more of the upcoming events, like homecoming, around campus.

Hopefully, after campus improvements are made, then students with disabilities will see a brighter future.

These students will have the confidence to know that if this one improvement can make their lives a little easier, then surely there will be a day when they will be able to have the same occupations and lifestyles as everyone else.

Kwamae Simpkins is a sophomore magazine production student from Pensacola, Fla. She can be reached at famuanopinions@gmail.com