Deadline for absentee voting is approaching

The deadline for absentee voting in Florida is Oct. 29 at 5 p.m. according to Florida Division of Elections.

The Web site states: “Florida law allows all qualified voters to request an absentee ballot from the supervisor of elections. A request for an absentee ballot to be mailed must be made no later than 5 p.m. on the 6th day before an election.”

If voters do not have their applications in before the official Florida deadline, they must show up at their state’s elections office to vote.

“Students should change their voter registration to the county that they live in,” said Ion Sancho, supervisor of elections in Leon County, this gives people “more options.”

Absentee voters apply for an election ballot through the mail. This allows out-of-state voters like vacationers, college students, etc., to vote where they are registered. A member of the voters immediate family or legal guardian may request an absentee ballot on behalf of the voter, but only at the request of the voter, according to the department of elections.

Voters should make sure there are no problems with their voters’ registration and they have a valid form of identification.

College students are strongly encouraged to vote in this election.

“College students should make sure they vote because it is most students first time being able to vote in a presidential election,” said Blair Heusdens, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of State.

There are important factors that voters should be aware of like swing states.

In a swing state the Democratic or Republican Party have a fair shot, either can win because neither group has an overwhelming amount of supporters in that state.

Some examples of swing states are: Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania just to name a few. “Maximizes your chances to have your vote count,” said Sancho. Absentee voting in these cases could have a more effective impact on each state.

Absentee ballots can be requested from the supervisor of elections’ office. Requests for ballots are accepted in writing or in person.

For more information about voting visit or call the supervisor of elections’ office in your state.