Classic ticket prices decline

Thanks to the cash strained economy, ticket seekers for the Florida Classic presented by State Farm, can expect to pay less this year. The Florida Classic Consortium, which is the governing body of the “classics” that contains officials from BCU and FAMU, are introducing an “economy friendly” discounted ticket price of $25.

General tickets in the past have ranged from $40-$50 a ticket depending on location related to the field.

“The Florida Classic consortium knows the economy is tough and they wanted to let the fans know that they feel their pain,” said Joey Walters, the director of the Florida Classic. “The fans have been loyal to this event for years and this was way to give back and say thanks for all their participation.”

Walters said that the lower ticket prices should help attract people to the Classic.

“I think it should have a great effect because you get to come to the classic for a cheaper price,” Walter said. “I can’t speak for the people but hopefully it will entice them to attend the event. People get to save 15 off of regular price tickets while saving 25 off of premium tickets.”

Fans can now save over 30 percent on tickets for this year’s game.

Walter said, “A family of four attending this year’s game would save $60 using the new economy friendly ticket.”

James Harden Jr. of Florida Citrus Sports said that tickets prices changed because of a slow economy, but the event will be as a good as ever.

“People are really being hit hard, and are now starting to feel the burden of the declining economy,” Harden said. “He also realizes that the price of gas and hotels are on the rise.”

D’angelo Parker, a computer engineering student from St. Petersburg, has attended the Florida Classic since he was in high school.

“It’s a great benefit that works out because my family will have the opportunity to spend money on souvenirs and other things Orlando may have to offer,” he said. “My family has been coming to the Florida Classic for almost 5 years. Money has never been an issue due to the fact we saved before we actually came. But the price decrease will give us a better opportunity to buy things that weren’t in our budget in the past,” Parker said.

Britney Jackson, 20, a freshman pre-pharmacy candidate from Orlando said that the event may suffer financially from the decision.

“More tickets will be sold but economically money will be lost,” Jackson said.

Tanisha Swaby said that it is a good thing that the ticket prices have been lowered.

“Being that the economy is in a recession, people would be more capable to purchase tickets,” Swaby, 20, a junior business administration student from Orlando.”It will allow for the alumni as well as families to be more enticed to participate in the festivities of the Orlando Classic.”

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Keith Blue and Keith Mathis contributed to the article as well.