Homecoming easier on FAMU students’ pockets

Students at Florida A&M University may find it easier to attend this year’s homecoming events thanks to new policy allowing students to enter events by simply showing a valid Rattler I.D. card.

In past years, students were required to get event tickets days prior to homecoming.

However, this year students will only need to have their valid current students I.D.s to attend the homecoming football game, fashion show, the Allhiphop.com dorm step show, and the comedy and talent showcase.

The current I.D.s are the ones issued within the last year.

Pria Collins, a third year criminal justice student from Tampa, said getting rid of tickets is a good idea.

“The I.D. method is better than carrying around a bundle of tickets which are likely to get lost,” Collins said.

Director of the Homecoming Committee, Saundra Inge, said the changes came after she and 15 campus organizations voted.

Inge said the committee decided I.D’s were the best method to make the event more accessible to students.

Inge said the method used last year proved to be unsuccessful after tickets were allegedly distributed to people who did not attend the university. This year FAMU students will have access to all the free events on campus.

Inge said although most events will not require tickets, they will be needed in order to attend the Shirley Caesar Concert. These tickets will be available for a discounted price of $25.00.

Students will still have to pay for other off campus events. The Student Government Association concert costs $28.50 and the National Pan-Hellenic Council Greek step show is $10 for students.

Charles Hadden, 18, first year engineering student from Miramar, said $28.50 is bit much, but $10 is reasonable.

“I don’t think $28.50 is a lot of money considering all of the people that will be there,” said Amber Mann, a third year nursing student from Havana.  

Inge said pricing for these events were developed through random polling of 15 student organizations. She chose prices using the quotes.

Posters to promote homecoming events have come later than expected, but a list of events are on the university’s Web site.

“Word of mouth has been a key part of Homecoming successes,” said Lakita Lewis, 21, fourth year political science from Orlando Fla. “It’s a big deal and anyone who has ties to the university come to Tallahassee for this event.”

Other activities to be held during homecoming week are BET HIV/Aids testing, Vibe magazine block party and Hip Hop forum.

Mann said she is looking forward to one event in particular.

“I am excited about the Homecoming Fashion Show this year,” Mann said. “I know that Joshua King, the Chair of the Homecoming Fashion Show, will present nothing but the best.”

To fully enjoy the shows, Inge encourages students to arrive early, be respectful of others and have a good time.