Faculty, staff learn computer security

Florida A & M University faculty and staff members attended a mandatory cyber-security awareness workshop Wednesday.

The FAMU Office of Enterprise Information along with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement explained ways to keep computers safe in the office and home.

The workshop was held the day after three FAMU students were indicted on charges of fraud and unauthorized access of FAMU’s computer system.

Michael McAvoy, director of information security, said the workshop was planned before the indictment, and he was not aware of the investigation.

“This training is a part of the correction action plan for the Board of Governors and the Auditor General,” McAvoy said. “We’re hoping that after this session, teachers will rely more on their own understanding rather than on technicians.”

According to the Office of Enterprise Information, security awareness training is a requirement under state and federal regulations for all universities employees.

Robert Seniors, CIO/ vice president of Information Technology said, faculty need to be aware of software created to obtain secure information from their computers.

“Faculty as well as students need to know that you can get viruses on your computer just by clicking on certain websites,” Seniors said. O.S Lamar, faculty administrator for the division of research, said after attending the forum she feels like she is better equipped to protect her computer.

“Any profound information we get to prevent any improprieties is good,” Lamar said.

According to enterprise information similar training is in the works for students and will be available via the iRattler information system.

“Once we compile the information for the student training the information will be sent to students in a email blast and FAMU info,” Seniors said. “The information will also be available on FAMCAST and the FAMU website for faculty and staff that were not able to attend the sessions.”