Campaign exhausting funding on materialism

Maybe Gov. Sarah Palin should go on the television show, What Not to Wear, to help the Republican National Committee to spend less money on her wardrobe. According to recent news reports, the RNC spent more than $150,000 to clothe and accessorize vice presidential candidate Palin. It seems as if the Palins are abusing the committee’s funds.

Her hair and makeup cost the RNC nearly $5,000, according to Alaska should not spend that much money on Palin either. CNN reported that Palin’s youngest child was sporting a Louis Vuittion duffle bag. Even her baby has expensive accessories! One pacifier for the baby cost $250.

As a woman, Palin should be presentable and yes, women do have to spend more on their wardrobes. But Palin is not even the one running for president- not to mention she is becoming a problem for the republican ticket.

NBC news took a poll and showed McCain is 10 points behind democratic rival Barack Obama, and 47 percent of those surveyed viewed Palin negatively. A vice-presidential candidate should not be able to spend this much money on material items. This is unacceptable and it comes after media criticism of Michelle Obama several months ago, for not wearing stockings. Women in the national spotlight should dress to impress because ladies are looking up to them. But spending $150,000 on your wardrobe is a bit ridiculous. It seems to be more about “showboating” than the issues.

Earlena Boswell for the editorial board.