Students march, cast early votes

On Monday, over 1,000 Florida A&M University students participated in the Wake up the Vote March.

The march aimed to get students to vote early and encourage the local community to get involved in the political process.

Student body president Andrew Collins said, “There were so many students that I could not see them all at one time. I think we accomplished our goal.”

At the courthouse students quickly became engaged. Senate president Ricquel Jackson said, “The marching band was playing and the students were really excited to be there. As soon as we got there they jumped in line.”

The Wake up the Vote March is similar to the Sleep out the Vote initiative planned for Nov. 4.

The Student Vote Coalition is partnering with the Student GovernmentAssociation for Sleep out the Vote. Its mission is to get students to vote the morning of Nov. 4.

The Student Vote Coalition wants students to vote early the morning of the fourth because they think it has a greater impact.

Chair of the student vote coalition, Asia McFarland, said, “When we stand up for the things that we believe in, politicians have to listen to us. When we don’t say anything that’s when we can be ignored.”

Both events are aimed at increasing voter turnout in the community. The initiatives also seek to inform voters about the candidates.

Anyone who is interested in participating should contact