Keenan’s Kept secrets

All things considered, the suitable shirt and tie on a man is key to completing the total look. When it comes to this, there are simple rules to follow and with these guidelines the look will be proper and smart.

The shirt should always be fitted. The excess baggy parachute that men get around the waist when wearing full cut shirts is very sloppy. The benefit of a fitted shirt is to prevent the bagginess around the waist, and better fit the arm and chest much closer then a regular full cut shirt.

Also, the extra space in the collar is not a good thing. To have the correct neck size should be just as important as the correct shoe size. If two to three fingers can run inside the collar all the way around the neck, it is way too big.

As for the print of the shirts, they should be in a small variety of colors. Guys, do not be afraid of pink. If worn right, it is masculine, authoritative and matches really well with dark tones of blue and purple.

Ties should all be accounted for and up-to-date. Throw away all heaps of 50 percent silk ties and 50 percent blend ties with stagnant colors and patterns. Any tie that does not have enough form utility to hold a quality knot is worthless.

It is imperative to have a diverse collection of ties consisting of some seven fold (thicker) and some cotton (thinner).

It is good to have a variety of patterns, not just solid and stripe. It is also good to have a collaboration of patterns, polka dots (small and large print), stripes (wide and thin strips print) and solid prints. For example, paisley ties in different colors.

In order to have a solid collection of ties one only needs a few of each type.

Ten to fifteen ties are a good basic collection to start with. The knot of the tie must match the collar width of the shirt.

Windsor knots are for full spread collars only.

Half Windsor knots are for semi-spread collars and four in hand knots are for regular point collars. However, the four in hand also goes great with a semi-spread.

When putting together the perfect suit, here are some rules to follow…

Rule 1: Never wear a striped shirt and striped tie with the same pattern. Shirts with thin stripes and a tie with many thin stripes will make create an unpleasant optical illusion. 

Rule 2: White and blue shirts do match with any color tie, that can be plain and sometimes boring.

Match different solid color shirts with other color ties. They do not have to match exactly.

Rule 3: The right knot with the right collar is essential. Know the correct combinations of the collar/ knot.

Rule 4: Do not try to match color to color heavily. A few of these cases are green and pink, pink and blue, brown and yellow.

With these rules and regulations, bad suit combinations are a thing of the past.

*Tip of the week, for the warm fall season, paisley ties are perfect.