Voting event marks history

Monday will mark an important moment in the election process for students and members of the Tallahassee community.

Student leaders have registered over 3,000 students, and other organizations have made such a significant effort to register people all over the city to vote.

It is now time for us to take advantage of early voting for the 2008 presidential election, which begins today in Leon County.

Through today’s non-partisan rally and march, the university is making a strong statement.

Hopefully, it will send a message that will encourage those who have become disillusioned with the whole process and provoke others who are willing and able to make an impact through voting to do so.

With the university’s goal of having at least 2,008 students show up at the polls today, many of us are all excited about the opportunity we have to participate in this civic duty and monumental moment.

For many, this is the very first election we will be able to vote in and hopefully not the last.

Right now as debates have come to a close and the push to register voters has been lulled by deadlines, it’s now time to be the change we want to see and vote.

When poll workers look up and see a sea of orange and green shirts and smiles.

Then they will see we are more than what they thought.

Now is the time to silence every one who said 18 to 25 year olds were too apathetic to make a difference and pay tribute to those who fought so it could be done.

Yes we can.

Yewande Addie for the editorial board.