J-School, not a print paradise

I’m not trying to be “that guy,” but this issue needs to be addressed. Students who are in the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication spend late nights in our school working on The Famuan, Prodigy, FAMU TV- 20, WANM-FM 90.5, Journey magazine, and a host the other organizations because we want to not only make Florida A&M University better, but we want to keep our public well informed.

So, it would make sense that the students in the SCJG would have access to more technology and resources – which happens to be located in our building.

It’s quite understandable. Because of the type of industry we aspire to become apart of, we need these resources.

But why is it every time one looks around our building, there’s a plethora of individuals, who aren’t journalism or graphic arts students, mooching off our supplies?

They ask you if you have paper and can they print. Sometimes they don’t ask at all.

Some students feel entitled to use the facilities because they’re a student. But know the individuals who happen to be journalism or graphic design majors pay an additional Journalism Material and Supply Fee which is $15 per course.

Besides that, why is our facility singled out?

Do you go to the Engineering School and print 20 pages on a whim? What about Architecture building? Pharmacy? Didn’t think so. Many of the schools and colleges at FAMU have some sort of computer lab available for its’ students.

If there happens to be issues with the respective computer labs like short hours, Internet connection and lack of resources, why not lobby the administration so to get more resources. In the meantime, there are many options one can choose instead of SJGC building.

There’s another genius idea – students could do their homework, projects and fulfill extracurricular obligations at home or use a friend’s computer. Coleman Library (you know, that place with a lot of books) also has many computers one can utilize. And guess what, you can print there as well, for 10 cents.

Don’t want to pay for printing? You can print as much as you want at the public library. And if those options fail, try enrolling in the SJGC. At least then the printing would be legal.

SJGC students shouldn’t condone this behavior either. We preserve what we have now so that the next generations wont have to go without. Do your part and ask them kindly to leave.

Wesley Martin is a senior magazine production from Miami. He can be reached at famuanopinions@gmail.com