Cafeteria ready for an upgrade

A struggling economy has not stopped the plans for Florida A&M University’s café to get a makeover.

The school is set to receive a $2.5 dollar makeover. Many students are fed up with the extensive line to get food in the café. Some even feel that it is not worth the wait.

It turns out that the taxing wait may soon be over and this has some students feeling a bit thrilled.

Kenya Frederick a second year pre professional pharmacy candidate from Jacksonville, said she is very excited about enjoying good cuisine in style.

“I might get a meal plan because it sounds good,” she said.

Tony Mendez, a freshman business major shares her excitement. He said the 2. 5 million dollar makeover is well worth money.

“I look forward to inviting my friends to come eat lunch with me,” said Mendez, a native of Gainesville.

According to the café’s faculty, this summer the entire upstairs of the café will be gutted out. The makeover will transform the café from bland to chic, specializing in Service for One, which will increase menu customization for individual preparation to improve quality and satisfaction. There will be eight food stations equipped with a chef who prepares the food in front of students. Some of those stations will include a vegetarian station boasting salads and an international station featuring exotic foods.

The café will also adapt Sodexho’s signature resident dining program called SoCuisine, which was created for students and has proven to be very effective nationwide.

Students are not the only ones excited about the transformation. Café general manager Terry Woodard is pleased with the new design.

“The new cafe will be nicer than the average restaurant in Tallahassee,” Woodard said.

Woodard explained that the new design of the café is to better serve the students.

The salad bar will be much bigger and there will also be seating around it.

He also said the café will feature improved comfort, atmosphere and ambiance when it comes to the seating and dining areas.

One of the many special additions the café is set to get is the new Coffee Café. This area will have a fresh bakery with soft seating and community gathering space.

Currently, about 3,000 students have a meal plan. Woodard hopes that number will increase.

“The myth is dining is for freshman only, but it’s for everyone”, he said.

The new café will be ready Fall 2009.