Voters be aware of amendments

People not only have to worry about choosing a presidential candidate on Nov. 4, but they must pay close attention to the proposed amendments on the Florida ballot.

There will be six new amendments on Florida’s ballot, according to

But many people may not be aware of how the amendments may affect them.

New revisions, like Amendment 2’s “protection of marriage act,” could mean that civil or legal unions could not receive the same benefits and legal protection as traditional marriages.

If Amendment 3 is passed, property tax values could rise.

The amendment encourages hurricane safety for homes.

But amendments are not the only things that voters need to be aware of.

It is important that students learn about these amendments because they are significant issues.

Some people may not know enough about these amendments and just mark yes or no, which could affect many people negatively.

These amendments need a 60 percent vote to pass, so make sure you know what these amendments so you will not make an critical mistake.

Latasha Edwards from the editorial board.