Student headlines TV show

Turning on the television and enjoying a show is the easy part.

Not everyone can truly appreciate all the hard work and effort that goes on behind the scenes. But 22 year-old Peterson Sylvert gets the best of both worlds.

A third year broadcast journalism student, Sylvert the host and producer of the new FAMU TV20 show, “The Access,” said that he is in love with his job.

“Filming in front of the camera, behind the camera, editing, I’ve done it all,” said Sylvert, a native of Ft. Lauderdale. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.”

“The Access” is a new show on the TV20 lineup, catering to students with a passion for music and pop-culture. The show features new music by a live DJ and interviews of popular student organizations and independent FAMU artists.

Sylvert said that he strives to help upcoming artists.

“We show love to the independent artists here and to students that work to get involved,” said Sylvert. “We appreciate people working hard on campus.”

Sylvert is the creator, producer, set designer, editor, and host of “The Access.”

TV20 producer Jeff Walker has observed the process from the very beginning and said he has enjoyed watching “The Access” grow from a small idea to a full-fledged show.

“All I’ve really done for Pete was open the studio door,” Walker said. “This show is his baby. He built the set from scratch and accepted all responsibility for the show. We bounced ideas off each other, but Pete spent hours upon hours editing. I’m proud of his initiative.”

Sylvert said he is dedicated to putting together a talented staff to work with. Senior biology student, Byron Johnson, is the show’s primary music source.

Johnson said he and Sylvert have developed a mutual respect for each other that he hopes will make the show successful.

“I’ve known [Sylvert] for less than a year,” said the 23 year old Jacksonville native. “It really was lucky that we ran into each other. The guy is just so driven, he makes life easier on everyone, including me.”

While Sylvert’s drive is an asset to TV20, he knows he will not always be in front of the camera. Sylvert is already working on his next venture, producing his own independent project, “The First Lady.” Sylvert says he wants to keep the project under wraps for the now.

Until that endeavor takes flight, Sylvert will focus on making “The Access” one of TV20’s premier shows.

“I think the show will be able to last,” Johnson said. “Pete has laid the groundwork for something big, so even after he graduates I think (“The Access”) will still be here.”

“The Access” will air on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11 p.m..