Palin recent revelation should spark interest

Despite efforts to withhold evidence, the truth about Sarah Palin’s attempted firing of her former brother-in-law came to light a few days ago. A state investigator found that Palin’s attempts to pressure her public safety commisioner to fire her ex brother-in-law, breached the ethics of her position as Alaska governor. The announcement, which several conservatives have braced for since Palin joined the Republican ticket nearly three months ago, served as a damaging blow to John McCain’s campaign.

The campaign is clinging to the strategy of personally attacking democratic opponent Barack Obama and surrounding him in a cloud of mystery.

The McCain campaign continues to question Obama’s character, and maybe the American people should ask themselves, “Who is Sarah Palin?” Aside from the abuse of her gubernatorial authority, CNN’s “Sarah Palin Revealed,” reported that her husband is a member of a radical group that supports Alaska’s secession from the United States. The group held a convention earlier this year and Sarah Palin gave the keynote address encouraging members to, “keep up the good work.”

Maybe the American people should question Palin’s “expertise” on energy policy, since “20 percent of the country’s oil is from Alaska.”

Yet, the most important question the American people should ask themselves is, if this woman is petty enough to fire her brother-in-law because he divorced her sister, what is she going to do in the White House?

Kiffani Jones for the editorial board.