Federal grant aids research

The College of Pharmacy received a $14 million dollar grant for research and equipment this semester.

Some of the cutting edge research will be for things like anti-fungal products that will be licensed by the pharmacy program, according to a Florida A&M University press release.

The products will be sent to a major company for further research.

Food and drug products may then be put on the market.

All students majoring in pharmacy will work alongside faculty during these experiments, the press release stated.

Henry Lewis III, dean of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (COPPS), said his faculty is trying to raise the bar for FAMU.

The College of Pharmacy is trying to build its infrastructure, and have new laboratories up and running to support extensive research.

“We enhance our faculty to compete with other universities,” Lewis said.

New equipment is being ordered for foundation of the upcoming studies.

This equipment will help them do some of the more in-depth research for cures.

The new devices will give them the opportunity to test the new chemicals being ordered.

“We have everything to support this research,” said Karam Soliman, associate dean for research and graduate studies.

The programs also reflect the expertise of the faculty. Ads are put in the national media, interviews are conducted and the committee decides who they need.

Researchers are paid to come in and assist students and faculty with the life changing research and discovery of cures, as the College of Pharmacy succeeds in their research objective.

Three major diseases are being closely researched this fall.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease were chosen because they are prevalent in African Americans and other minorities.