Faculty deserves bonus money

The sum wasn’t very large, but the impact on morale could be huge. The board of trustees approved a one time $1,000 bonus for full time faculty and staff at Florida A&M University. After five years of not receiving a bonus, the payout is well deserved.

The university’s faculty and staff are often the most underappreciated commodities the university has. So it is fitting that they enjoy the benefits of their daily efforts.

In budgeting for the staff bonus, the board has acknowledged their role in securing the well being of the university. In today’s struggling economy $1,000 dollars can seem menial, but undoubtedly the recognition of the staff’s relevance will be enjoyed more than the check.

Some students expressed disappointment over the bonus, and felt the employees’ windfall could have instead helped the student loan crisis. But, such sentiment fails to recognize what the school’s faculty gives to the university.

Oftentimes faculty and staff are asked to go above and beyond the parameters of their job description. No price tag can be put on the extra hours it took for administrators to sift through years of paperwork to ensure that FAMU retained its accreditation, or the teachers that stayed beyond office hours to help students with work.

The staff should be celebrated for what they do, no matter the price.

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.