Attire should reflect right age

There comes a time when we have to transition from adolescence to adults. As we mature, so does our appearance-or at least it’s supposed to. Most people have their own style. It’s a person’s style that identifies their swagger. However, as college students, there comes a time when you must let certain trends go.

It’s annoying when college women are still wearing kittens on their clothing. My 12-year-old sister has a closet full of Baby Phat. I would look like a fool if I wore a similar outfit. There is no reason why a pre-teen and a young adult should have identical outfits. Kittens may adorn high school girls clothing, maybe freshmen in college- sophomore girls are pushing it, but they may be late bloomers. However, there is no excuse for junior and senior college women to wear Baby Phat. That needs to be left to the younger generations.

There was a time when guys who rocked cornrows had the “it” factor. The boys would beg their parents to let them grow braids. With cornrows you could get all the popular designs, which most girls had a thing for. But that is a thing of the past. When was the last time you heard a young lady or woman say, “Did you see that handsome man with those cornrows over there?”

For those young men trying to get their “grown man on,” let the braids go. Some guys use braids as a distraction because they may have some weird things going on with the shape of their head, but braids are definitely not bringing sexy back.

Lastly, this goes for everyone. It may have been cool back in the day to get customized spray-painted shirts with names and personal slogans but now it is just plain cheesy. If you are getting a shirt professionally designed to promote something worthwhile that is a different story.

But wearing a spray-painted shirt to promote your nickname “sexy red” is not okay. When making the order please hold the cartoon characters. There should be an age cut-off age for character-emphasized clothing. There should be a rule that if someone went up to the register over the age of 16 to buy clothes with cartoon characters, they should be denied purchase. Not trying to be mean, just keeping it real.

Everyone should try to step their game up. We are at a point in our lives where pretty soon we’re going to be professional men and women and we should practice doing just that. Try dressing professional two or three days out of the week, just to get a little sophistication in your lives.