Senate congregates, sorts through job titles

The 38th Student Senate convened Monday to discuss discrepancies with job descriptions under Joint Operations. Joint Operations is a department with an account established to fund all expenses jointly shared by all three branches of student government.

Senate President Ricquel Jackson acknowledged the Writ of Quo Warrant that was issued to Interim Budget Coordinator Morris Hawkins by the Judicial Court. A Writ of Quo Warrant is written proof that must be resubmitted by Hawkins to the Judicial Court providing proof of his job title and duties.

“There was a transfer made from salaries to OPS without the senates approval,” said Jackson when asked about the state of this matter. “If he is sanctioned there is an office manager and an office assistant who can perform duties that will suffice for his job title.”

In other matters, a bill sponsored by the Student Relations Committee passed Monday night to recognize three professional MBA students from the School of Business and Industry for their scholastic excellence. These students were awarded first place for their second consecutive year win in the National Black MBA Association Case Competition held in Washington, D.C.

Senator Justin Clarke mentioned that all Activity and Services funded entities have until midnight on Oct. 10 to turn in A&S monthly reports. He also added that next spring students should look forward to a marketing event co-sponsored by Prodigy Public Relations Firm and the 38th Student Senate.

Campus Activity Board Liaison Ashley Nelson named the Ad-Hoc Committees that will serve under the Campus Activity Board. These committees are Creative and Fine Arts, Entertainer, Rules Guidelines and User responsibility.

“Students who have already applied for these positions will be assigned to them accordingly within the next few weeks,” said Nelson when asked about the committees working status.

Nelson also made it known that the “Rep Yo City Talent Showcase” will be held on Oct. 23 and tickets for this event will be priced at $8. The showcase will be sponsored by: DJ Will da Thrill and Midget Mac of the VH1 television show, “I Love New York”.

The Elections and Appointment Committee chairperson Dex Rho mentioned the “Relay for Life” goal for the Student Senate is $1,330 this year.

“There are 35 members and I expect to receive $38 from each member which will accumulate the sum of our set goal,” said Rho.

He also talked about voter registration.

“Voters who are registered in a county other than Leon and need to have a change of address will have until Nov. 4 to get an absentee ballot or to re-register in Leon County,” Rho said.

Secretary of State John Williams announced that the Graduate Feeder Conference will be held Oct. 8 through Oct. 10. Florida A&M University will welcome over 40 colleges and universities who will be recruiting students for their graduate programs.

“All students planning on attending the conference are urged to bring their resumes and personal statements, ” said Williams.

For more information students are advised to call Williams at (229)