Obama comparisons to Hitler are unfair

Right wing radio host, Glenn Beck, has taken another step toward the unwarranted degradation of Barak Obama by joining the cast of irresponsible media personalities in comparing Barak Obama to Adolf Hitler.

FOX News Corporation has long been accused of being a right wing propaganda machine, but it was the host of CNN’s Headline News that insinuated that the legacy of Barack Obama was somehow synonymous with Adolf Hitler’s.

As insulting as it was baseless, Beck’s assertion came on the backend of an interview in which he called Obama and former President Woodrow Wilson “facists.”

Beck said, “This one’s coming with his own little militant children following behind him. This one’s coming with the Hitler youth in tow.”

The youth he spoke of are the children who sang a song dedicated to the presidential hopeful and were ridiculed for their loyalty. Not only did he attack Obama, but he painted his supporters in an unfair and demeaning light.

The notion of a Hitler/Obama comparison goes beyond party politics and is extreme.

Hitler represents a dark time in world history, one that is not synonymous with great speeches and social change, but of death and war. The mere association of any national leader to Hitler is damaging and should not be entertained.

Beck cannot hide under the umbrella of coy impartiality. His statement is protected by the First Amendment, but should be identified as reprehensible.

Beck should have exercised better judgment in his statements.

Akeem Anderson for the editorial board.