Center changes name

The Learning Development Evaluation Center (LDEC) received a name change to better identify the population they serve on Tuesday. The center is now called Center for Disability Access and Resources (CeDAR).

“Our primary focus was on students with learning disabilities and students with physical disabilities. [Physical disability students] used a different program with the office of special programs but in the last three years those programs have merged so basically we serve all students rather they have a learning disability, a physical disability or a psychological disability,” said Director of CeDAR Danette Saylor.

At the unveiling of the new name, Vice President of Student Affairs Roland Gaines was in attendance along with other FAMU officials and CeDAR staff. The event, which was held outside of the center, spoke of the new name and the accomplishments of the center.

“October is disability awareness month and normally we recognize the needs and contributions of persons with a disability, so how fitting it is to reflect this change today during October,” Gaines said.

Saylor further enlightened the audience about the acronym CeDAR to reflect on how helpful the center is for students with disabilities,

“We chose CeDAR as our acronym and we did a little bit of research on the cedar tree. We found that many indigenous tribes of Africa and also many Native American tribes used cedar bark as a healing tool,” Saylor said. “Sometimes when students come here, they may need healing and we want to be the place to provide that healing.”

Later in the unveiling event, a couple of students were able to speak of their accomplishments through CeDAR and how the program has helped them.

One student that spoke of his accomplishments was senior magazine production student Antoine Woods.

“The CeDAR accommodates me to help me tremendously because I personally don’t perform well on tests. Receiving accommodations helped me to achieve my goal of one day receiving a college degree. This is one of the main reasons why I appreciate a center like the CeDAR.” Said Woods, 22, from Washington D.C. “Its because of them and the grace of God that I am receiving my degree in the spring semester.”

Close to the end of the event, Saylor explained how the center can further improve.

“When we look at the current economic situation of our nation, we want to be able to and we will continue to provide the same high standards of service but again, our goal is to go beyond that. Our goal is not to equal but to excel and in order to excel, we need support,” he said.