Team defeats SCSU by a 3-0

With a team effort the Florida A&M University (3-9, 1-0 MEAC) volleyball team conquered 3-0 win in their first conference game against the South Carolina State University Bulldogs (5-16, 0-1 MEAC).

Many FAMU volleyball fans attended the lady Rattlers first home game against the South Carolina State University Bulldogs.

Within the first couple of minutes of the game, the lady Rattlers scored three consecutive points and spectators say they showed exercised great teamwork.

“I think that they are dominating and were being very aggressive,” said DeAnthony Friday, 21, a criminal justice student from Los Angeles, Calif.

In the first game, the ladies made three serves all landing in the Bulldog’s territory. The lady Rattlers dominated the court with a win of 25- 11 with 3 strong blocks in the first game.

In the second game, the Rattlers dominated again with a 25-16 win over the lady Bulldogs. They took the last game with a 25-14 win putting the lady Rattlers 3-0 over their competition.

Head volleyball coach Tony Trifonov said that it was a good win for the ladies.

“It was a good win to start off the conference with a 3-0 lead,” Trifonov said.

Trifonov said that his best player of the game was Jovanna Blazeski.

Jovanna Blazeswki said they played a strong game.

“We were strong throughout the whole game,” said Blazeski, 20, a sophomore criminal justice student from Belgrade, Serbia.

Blazeswki an outside hitter for the lady Rattlers was the leading scorer for the Rattler with 13 kills and 10 digs.

Some players feel that their confidence level was high going into this game.

“We felt confident,” said Chelsea Pennick, a middle blocker. “We have to continue to go out and play with heart in all our games.”

Pennick said she felt that she played a reasonable game, but she still has some things she needs to work on.

“I had two miss serves,” said Pennick, 19, a second-year pharmacy candidate form Orlando. “I feel I have to work on any blocking.”

Pennick said the team has been playing better as a team now.

“I expect for us to play as a team,” Pennick said. “My explanation for the season is to win MEAC and go to the NCAA.”