Remember the power of a vote

With the general election right around the corner, today is the last day that people can register to vote.

While some organizations on campus are pushing students to let their voice be heard, some students still might feel their vote will not count in the 2008 election.

But everyone’s vote matters, especially if it comes down to the wire in a presidential election.

Since minorities are the majority on Florida A&M University’s campus, students should reflect on their ancestors who fought for the blacks’ right to vote.

In the past blacks dealt with the United States’ unfair system in the south, created to prevent blacks from voting with poll taxes, literacy tests, and black codes that enforced segregation and physical intimidation.

These past efforts to stop blacks from voting should encourage students to register and come out to vote.

There still may be problems blacks may have to deal with when going to the polls. Recent rumors about standards to vote in the general election began to confuse and bewilder some voters. Many officials said these rumors could have been a way to prevent students from voting.

But college students are the future leaders of America. Their votes will matter the most, especially in this election. So today before 5 p.m., college students maintain your voice and register to vote.

Latasha Edwards from the editorial board.