Not only books in library

Whether for research, group work, or individual study sessions- the library has always been a dependable spot for student learning. The crowds inside Samuel H. Coleman, proves that Florida A&M University’s library is no different.

Most students consider the library a prime location for studying and doing class work. Among those individuals is Jamila Williams, a Quincy native, who said the library is the perfect place to study.

“I think our library is excellent,” said Williams, 22, a junior business student. “The staff is so helpful, and it has everything you need.”

The library staff seems to agree that their effectiveness can only help if the students use it. Altonio Blair, one of Coleman’s employees, said the library strives to provide resources.

“We do a good job supplying the resources for students, but it’s up to them to take advantage of them,” Blair said.

Carolyn Elkins has worked at FAMU for over 20 years, and as a Coleman librarian, she believes the library continues to be successful in serving students because of all the improvements and resources that are available.

“The library can be very helpful, but student have to start helping themselves,” she said. “I would like to see more of them using the library website to learn how to appropriately use the resources the library has.”

In addition to the resources that the library provides, it also offers courses and workshops on information literacy to teach students how to make the most of their library research. The course covers how to access and apply library resources.  The course is free for all FAMU students.

Blair said students should utilize the library to its fullest potential.

“I wish more students would take advantage of the information literacy training, because it gives them a foundation in using research databases, and when they have questions about their research we don’t have to start from the beginning,” Blair said.

Despite the fact that the library strives to offer students a certain amount of resources, some students believe their study time is better spent elsewhere. Jean Altidor, 19, is one such student.

“The library would be a good place to do class work, but computers aren’t always available so I have to go somewhere else,” Altidor, a business student from Ft. Lauderdale.

There is an obvious computer shortage in the library, and it can be a major problem with high student congestion during the day.  Students may experience a hard time when trying to quickly print an assignment before class or check their e-mail. Another problem that students have complained about is that some computers might not have an Internet connection. In an attempt to understand student concerns, the library has student suggestion surveys, for student feedback to improve the library.

For more information about the information literacy course visit the University Libraries link on or contact the Information Literacy Coordinator at (850) 412-5163.