Moderator proves to be fair and unbiased

Over 50 million people tuned in as vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin took their podiums to debate. The moderator Gwen Ifill, a PBS news reporter, was criticized two days before the debate, for a book she wrote, which included Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

In Ifill’s book she wrote about powerful black political figures and how they are representing us in a positive way. The media said Ifill had a conflict of interest and biased toward the Democrats.

Even Republican presidential candidate John McCain, was concerned and told CNN’s Juan Carlos Lopez that the situation did worry him, but he was sure Ifill would be professional.

McCain had no reason to worry. During the debate Ifill was unbiased. Ifill did her job and asked fair, unbiased questions. The debate seemed very confusing. Both candidates seemed to make “plugs” for their presidential candidate rather than answer questions. But when they did answer questions Palin did not come across as knowledgeable as Biden.

The media’s accusations that Ifill would be biased were unwarranted. A moderator cannot form the words pouring from a candidate’s mouth. During a debate a question is asked and the candidate has to respond. Palin and Biden could only say what was on their mind. In the end the candidate with the most knowledge still shined.

Earlena Boswell for the editorial board.