Define who is really gangster

There are little crews all over campus who would probably consider themselves thugs or gangsters.

Street credibility is important for some college students because it symbolizes the validity to gain respect. If you grew up in a tough neighborhood, you’re familiar with the drug dealers on the corners, robberies, and unfortunately homicides.

Gangsters can attend college, but the definition of what gangsters are is misconstrued.

But in all honesty, none of those descriptions and experiences represent what being gangster is.

Gangsters can in fact attend college, but the definition of what gangsters are is misconstrued.

It’s not about clothes, jewelry or selling drugs.

But if you want to be a real gangster, the least you can do is learn from the pros.

Take a look at corporate America.

After claiming $111 billion in revenue, Enron was convicted for accounting fraud.

Webster Dictionary says gangsters can have a lack of empathy.

And now there is $700 billion bailout that could rescue the sector.

According to Forbes and CNN, the F.B.I is now investigating Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, and American International Group. The corporations are all at the heart of country’s bailout.

The bank executives’ involved in the bailout will now receive a $400,000 salary- a cut for them. Poor executives.

U.S. history is full of many corporate scandals involving major corporations and fraudulent finance.

According to Forbes, WorldCom once overstated cash flow by booking $3.8 million and Xerox falsified financial results and boosted their income by $1.5 billion

Before using the word gangster or attempting to portray one, be clear on what crimes fall truly gangster.

Bloods and Crips may have been “gangsters,” but their power is nothing compared to the educated Yale and Harvard grads that declare war on other nations.

Read how some people with education take advantage of those without it.

To commit these types of crimes, it takes a higher learning.

The gangsters of tomorrow are educating themselves. They’re not the ones we think of on campus.

They’re in the library, learning from the mistakes of those before them.

You can count on finding gangsters at a college near you because the truest of them are earning their degrees.

Jermaine Fletcher is a senior broadcast journalism student from Richmond, VA. He can be reached at