Students ignore cup sanctions

Students that use fences for cup advertising without permission on Adams St., may be fined.

Florida A&M University’s Office of Student Activities is working on funding for more advertising bulletin boards on campus, to compromise this.

A previous story in “The Famuan,” covered cup publicity on Wahnish Way, an increasing problem because students did not clean up after the event was over.

This year, Saundra Inge, director of student activities, said the problem still exists, not on Wahnish Way, but on Adams St.

“I usually have student workers get the cups,” she said. Sometimes she takes them down herself.

Inge wants students to advertise by using cups in the fences with respect to other organizations that are advertising and follow procedures for approval.

“I fought hard for (cup advertising) but students weren’t fair to each other,” she said. Inge said student organizations had their cups taken down by other organizations.

If a student organization does not have permission to advertise cups in the fence, they will be fined $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense and $150 for a third offense.

Some student organizations that did not get permission to advertise on Adams, said OSA did not notify them.

Royale King, 22, president of Chapter Upsilon Psi of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., said they have advertised for party, “Swagged OWT” this upcoming Saturday at Potbellys for nearly two weeks.

“We didn’t get permission, we just put them up,” the broadcast journalism student from Dallas said.

Another advertisement next to the Omegas promotes an event for The Edge nightclub. Inge said that students are the ones placing cups in fences for the club, not the club itself. She does not feel that it is fair to hold The Edge accountable.

“It doesn’t look good for the campus when there is an advertisement for night clubs,” she said.

Funding for more information boards is being worked on, Inge said. Organizations would still have to request to have information posted. 

“Students aren’t satisfied with passing out their flyers,” she said. “Our students feel they have to post, where it is noticeable.”

If organizations would like to advertise by using cups in the fences, they have to get a FAMU Posting/Advertisement and Agreement from OSA. The form allows students, faculty and staff to advertise by cup publicity or posting information on bulletin boards.

Information posted on designated bulletin boards, however, must have the OSA approval stamp.

Inge said she would like to hear suggestions for new advertising alternatives.