Pizzeria delivers FAMU treat

On Monday, Pizza Quick, located on Apalachee Parkway began delivering exclusively to Florida A&M University’s campus.

Matthew Thompson, 25, the manager of the eighth-month-old restaurants said, “We’ve been promoting the store since the beginning of school and a lot of freshman complained about not having any transportation.”

Rodger Smith, 22, a mechanical engineering student from Phoenix, Az. said, “It’s nice to have another selection of pizza. More especially if I have enough quarters to pay for it.”

Though the price is reasonable, Pizza Quick makes fresh dough every day, using Prima Terra sauce, blend of mozzarella and provolone and premium meats and vegetables.

Pizza Quick, which is mainly take-out, decided to deliver to FAMU’s campus and provide student discounts.

“We’re excited about our potential here and think we will do well once more students know about us and our deals,” said Thompson, who is also offering $1 off a large cheese or pepperoni pizza when students show their student IDs,” Thompson said.

In 2002, Paul Hill Jr., Thompson’s best friend, and Paul Hill Sr. opened the restaurant in Tifton, Ga. after Little Ceasars Pizza shut down.

Thompson, who graduated from Valdosta State University in 2004 with a degree in biology said a pizza business was not in his future at the time.

“He wanted me to come check it out and I ended up loving it. Plus it’s good money,” laughed Thompson a native of Colquitt, Ga. who plans to get his MBA while in Tallahassee to enhance his managerial skills.

Pizza Quick has two other stores in Valdosta, Ga. and Remerton, Ga. Tallahassee is it’s first store in Florida. Alyssa Martin, 19, a first-year nursing student from Houston, Texas and a Paddyfoote resident said, “They have great pizza and low prices. I’m excited that they are starting to deliver because a lot of places don’t deliver here (FAMU).”