Perfect resume holds the key

It’s 8×10, off-white, decorated with black ink and it may be the most important document you’ll ever give someone to describe your knowledge.

It is a piece of paper that makes life’s determining decisions, it’s your resume. And this special uniquely written document is supposed to allow employers to identify with you without ever setting a meeting

Webster’s definition of resume is “a summary, esp. of a person’s achievements.” But it seems the word “resume” has surpassed the definition. Teachers and employers place a lot of emphasis on the importance of having a resume. And as I become older I realize the impact of a resume.

My sophomore year, I turned my resume in to a professor. I thought it was great. But it was handed back to me with red lines through just about every sentence.

It can affect your chances of employment tremendously. Many employers will not accept an application with out a resume. In many cases its your voice.

Employers say they use resumes to scrutinize attributes and select the most qualified candidates for the position. But I know quite a few people who lied on their resumes and received jobs. And good ones.

My friend lied on her resume. She lied about being in organizations and some of her job experience.

She got the job after her second interview. This wasn’t your typical nine to five. She is currently employed at a Fortune 500 company.

You should never make up experience, but polishing your skills definitely helps.

It would be embarrassing if you were caught lying. Most teachers preached that a college education guaranteed employment.

But not these days, you have to have more than a four-year degree. You must have experience to go with it.

Now employers want to see this and preferably on one piece of paper.

Your resume should represent you in the best way possible especially in times like this.

During a time when our economy is crumbling, employers are reviewing resumes with a critical eye.

Now this 8×10 piece of paper is the determinate of whether you’re receiving a pay stub or collecting more applications.