Law officers should set examples

In recent years the crime rate in Tallahassee has steadily climbed. With the police department trying to keep felony rates down, it is always a little disheartening to discover an officer doing wrong. James Plouffe, 41, a former deputy sheriff for Wakulla County, recently arrested on charges of larceny and burglary, is one such case.

He was stealing more than $35,000 worth of commercial air-conditioning units.

Embarrassing? Indeed.

According to an article in the Tallahassee Democrat, Plouffe was accused of organizing the theft with his business partner, Daniel Hart. They attempted to steal the air conditioners and load them into the back of a U-Haul truck. The plan was foiled when a curious neighbor confronted them.

Crooked cops are nothing new. On the contrary, cops throughout the nation have been arrested for being involved in illegal affairs. It’s nothing pretty and most of the time it can be downright humiliating. Naturally, an officer committing a crime stirs up controversy and this time is no different. Captain Steven Ganey, of the Wakulla County Police Department, discussed his dismay with the Democrat.

“It’s bad enough, him being a former law-enforcement officer and being involved in that,” Ganey said. “He was apparently hanging around the wrong guys.”

Apparently? The word is obviously.

Jay Christie for the Editorial Board.