Vice President faceoff should be revealing

Last week’s debate between presidential candidates Senators John McCain and Barack Obama did not stir up much conversation among the American people.

Comments from Florida A&M University students on WANM-FM 90.5, were full of discontent over the debate. Many who watched were disappointed that neither candidate had a “breakthrough” moment.

The debate’s tone was long, drawn out, and filled with finger pointing. But the promise of Thursday’s debate has the American people reenergized. Thursday, Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin will go head to head at Washington University in St. Louis.

Palin who has recently been the butt of many Saturday Night Live jokes, will get the chance to clear her name.

Biden will just have to convey the same platform he has for the past few months, and hope to create that “moment” McCain nor Obama was able to last week.

And hopefully this debate’s tempo will be a bit more upbeat. The moderator this time around is Gwen Ifill from PBS’ NewsHour.

This will definitely be an interesting debate. But while you’re searching for good quotes to about with your classmates Friday, remember why you’re watching.

The vice-presidential candidate is just as important as the president. The vice- president is the Senate leader and assumes responsibility for the country if something happens to the president. The vice-president is also the leader of the Senate.

So Oct. 2 at 9p.m. take in every statement from each candidate. This is history in the making.

A’sia Horne-Smith for the editorial board.