The Rattle

Palmetto South Fire

Late Monday night a fire broke out in Florida A&M University’s Palmetto South after a resident left a stove unattended.

Oscar Crumity, Interim Director of Housing, spoke about the damages.

“The apartment sustained some fire, smoke and water damage,” Crumity said.

He said residents have to relocate until maintenance can fix the problems caused by the fire.

“Students will stay someplace else temporarily due to the amount of water,” Crumity said. “All of that has to be extracted and sanitized. We also have some maintenance work to do.”

According to Crumity, the apartment’s kitchen cabinets have to be checked for whether or not they need to be replaced or repaired. He also said electrical outlets and kitchen appliances have to be tested to make sure they are safe for use.

However, Crumity said how long the residents will be displaced depends on the availability of parts. He said Friday will most likely be the latest date for repairs.

The Palmetto South resident director was unavailable for comment at the time of press.

Palmetto South Robbery

The FAMU department of public safety released a campus wide emergency alert message on Monday night after a Phase Three apartment robbery. According to the alert, a weapon was involved.

The suspect was last seen heading toward Palmetto North. He was reportedly wearing all black.

Both the FAMU police department and Palmetto South director were unavailable for comment at the time of press.

Student Vandalism

Returning home from Atlanta this Monday to find his townhouse vandalized, completely threw, Delvini Mason, 29, for a loop.

Mason, a senior graphic/photography student from West Palm Beach, said he left his home, located in the complex of Charleston’s Place, Thursday evening to attend the Bank of America Atlanta Football Classic. When he returned, the back door was kicked in and there was damage to clothes, walls, and electronics.

“The first thing I noticed was the smell of ammonia,” he said. “Whatever we had in the fridge was on the floors and on the walls. They bleached all clothes and poured liquid in the TV.”

Mason said he doesn’t “have enemies” and is baffled about who the intruder(s) could have been.

“Not a corner was missed,” he said. “They had to be in there for a while and made a couple of trips.”

Mason said he immediately contacted the Tallahassee Police Department and filed a police report.

“We are in the process of cleaning now,” Mason said, referring to roommate and brother Ronaldo Mason, 25, a senior political science student, whose belongings were also damaged.

Mason said the Ramada Inn provided a gratuitous room for the brothers Monday night. He added that he and his brother do not have property insurance.

The brothers have informed their parents of the incident and have yet to ask for help from FAMU.