Band holds merit as the extra man on the field

Using their instruments for offense and defense, some people say that the Marching 100 is the 12th man on Florida A&M University’s football team.

“Our band is the 12th and 13th man,” said George Small, assistant defensive head coach for FAMU’s football team, “they actually motivate the team.”

Small said though the football team executes plays and carries out assignments, the level of excitement and emotional build up the band generates in the fans and team, is inspirational.

Derby Bernadel, a band member, agrees with Small.

“The band keeps the football players hype,” said Bernadel, 21, a senior economic student from Miami.

Bernadel said he remembers some games where the band impacted the outcome of the football game.

“It was the Atlanta classic last year and the game was up to a field goal, the band got so hype TSU missed the field goal and caused us to win the game,” Bernadel said.

Even though some people feel that the band may effect a game’s score, others disagree.

Alyssa Milton, 19, a sophomore psychology student from Tampa, has been to every home game since coming to FAMU. She said that the band only effects the population of the game.

“If the band wasn’t there, most people wouldn’t go to the game. Milton said, “I don’t really think they effect the score of the game.”

For Javier Wallace, a right guard on offense, the Marching 100 pumps the team up after big plays.

“I think the Marching 100 brings energy to the game, like when a big play happens,” said Wallace, 20, a senior public relations student from Austin Tx.

Curtis Holcomb, a cornerback also said he loves when the band plays.

“It gets me more amped to play,” Holcomb said, “it just gets us hyped up and it really feels good to hear the band playing when we are on the field.”

Wallace said that the band provides enthusiasm for the team.

“It’s motivation. The band doesn’t really effect us,” Wallace said. “We practice everyday of the week, but the band does help us with that energy.”

Wallace said that some of the liveliness the band provides is for the big team plays.

“I always like when right after we score, they play,” Wallace said. “When the defense is on the field and the marching 100 plays that distracts the other team.”

Currently with a total of 420 members in the band.

“I can’t tell the difference,” Wallace said.