Women win two in a row

Florida A&M University’s football wasn’t the only team to bring back a win from this weekend’s Atlanta Classic. The cross-country women’s team brought back a second overall division one victory from the Classic track meet against Tennessee State University.

While the meets usually require a two mile run, this meet required a three and one-tenth mile run.

Members of the team said that they have worked hard these past few weeks to ensure this victory.

“We’ve been doing harder workouts and two-a-days to build up our endurance,” said Helena Sheilds, 18 a freshman political science student from Winston Salem, N.C.

Head coach Macial Malone, who is in her fourth season of coaching the team, also credits the victory to the team’s desire to win.

“The team has worked hard the past three weeks but they also wanted it,” she said.

The team commends one member in particular for outstanding leadership,

“I was proud of my sophomore Kelle Ransom, who really stepped up. She lead 5th overall,” Malone said.

Ransom, 19, a sophomore public relations student from Atlanta, notes that it was a collective effort, but acknowledges first time Atlanta Classic track meet runners like Latoya Wright, Panancy Ambroise and Tiffany Morrow.

“They really stepped up, played an important role and stayed with the pack,” Ransom said.

Ransom added said that she could have done better but her performance improved since last year.

Malone also recognizes Sheilds as the top freshman; she came in 10th overall and second for the team.

Even though Malone is pleased with Sheilds performance, Sheilds knows there’s still work to do.

“I did better than I did in the last meet, but with more practice I look forward to placing higher and the team running together even more in the next meet,” Sheilds said.

Malone said the team as a whole, is responsible for this victory due to hard work and constant improvement.

“The team performed well and stepped up,” coach Malone said.

Ransom didn’t find the cohesiveness of the team a surprise.

“We did great as a team- we pushed each other to stay together- but we’ve been like that since the beginning of the season, and we’re getting better with each meet,” Ransom said.

The team has one more meet before their conference meet.