“Sex and the City” DVD a hit

There’s something about the ladies of “Sex and the City” that seems to command the attention of women everywhere.

Whether it is the expensive fashion trends, the unadulterated sexual discussions or the unwavering female camaraderie that all four of the central characters seem to exude, the fairer sex is hooked.

As one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters, “Sex and the City: The Movie” was practically an international phenomenon.

To the surprise of many dubious critics, the film managed to secure the number one spot at the box office, beating out the latest “Indiana Jones” sequel while blissfully wowing a legion of loyal fans and garnering a few new ones.

Now the DVD has hit stores in a sensational two disc special edition that is sure to leave fans more than satisfied.

“Sex and The City” premiered on HBO in 1998 and concluded after a rather successful run in 2004. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall, the groundbreaking show was nominated for over 50 Emmy awards during the course of six seasons.

Based on the novel by Candace Bushnell and directed by Michael Patrick King, the series was indeed a force to be reckoned with – and for that matter, so was the movie. According to reports, the film was the biggest opening ever for an R-rated romantic comedy and earned over 400 million worldwide.

“Sex and the City: The Movie” picks up four years after the show ended and showcases the ladies in different stages of their respective lives. Carrie Bradshaw, who is wonderfully portrayed by Parker, is preparing for her marriage to longtime on again-off again boyfriend, John James Preston, also known as “Big” to fans.

Needless to say, disaster strikes and it takes Carrie’s friends to pull her out of turmoil. However, her gal pals are coping with their own problems.

Sex crazed Samantha Jones, played by the brilliant Cattrall, has relocated to Los Angeles to manage the flourishing career of her boyfriend, but is having trouble with monogamy.

Feisty redhead Miranda Hobbs, who is brought to life by the talented Nixon, is experiencing trouble in her marriage while optimistic Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, played to perfection by the superb Davis, is dealing with her own issues.

Also along for the ride is gorgeous Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson, who stars as Louise, Carrie’s super sassy and ultra confident personal assistant.

In addition to a rather lame standard edition DVD, New Line Cinema packed in the bonus features for its two disc special edition.

Included in the extras are juicy deleted scenes as well as an enlightening conversation between the film’s director, writer and producer, King and the pretty Parker who sit and discussed making the film.

Another treat is a documentary on the fabulous fashions of the leading ladies; in addition to a glimpse behind the scenes of superstar Fergie recording “Labels or Love”, the movie’s catchy opening number.

However, what makes the two disc special addition a must have for “Sex and the City” fans is the new extended cut of the movie, which adds over ten extra minutes to the movie. Presented in a crystal clear aspect ratio of 1.33:1, scenes that were not in the original release have been wonderfully added in, making the movie even more enjoyable. And that may just be a good thing.

After all, sex this good can’t last forever.