FAMU should turn out to vote

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden made a historical visit to Florida A&M University Saturday. The Tallahassee Democrat reported almost 8000 people stood and sat in front of Coleman Library to catch a glimpse and hear the words from the two wives of Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Generations ranging from infant to the elderly, waited in the hot sun patiently at the voter registration rally to be a part of this page in history. This moment was in the name of voter registration.

Networks across the nation are also entering the movement. BET recently hosted a three-hour event to encourage voter registration. The show even aired live shots from voter registration rallies across the country.

But Michelle Obama said there was much more to this election season than making sure just you are registered. The potential first lady noted registering is not the last part of the process.

She mentioned students and the community must also grab the hands of friends and neighbors and see to it that they are registered.

But even this notion is not enough.

The major issue for each party will not be if everyone is registered but also include whether or not they will make it to the voting booths.

We charge to all FAMU students and the community, to put forth an effort to ensure that those individuals you have helped register make, it to the polls this election season.

If you do not want a repeat of the 2000 recount in Florida this year, then you also have the responsibility to make sure enough people vote to provide a clear decision for the nation to see.

A’sia Horne-Smith for the editorial board.