Women runners look to repeat

The cross-country women’s team is looking for a repeat of last year’s performance victory at the Atlanta Classic track meet.

“Last year, we won it,” said head coach, Macial Malone. “We’re going in it with that attitude.”

Malone said that the team has been preparing for the meet with group assignments to keep the team in superior physical condition.

“One thing I want to do is make sure our endurance is up,” Malone said. “We increased our mileage. They have been doing Indian runs”

With all the preparation the team has been doing, Malone said that she is enthused about the track meet.

“I’m really excited about the team and some of the freshman,” Malone said.

For the freshman on the team, this will be their first Atlanta Classic track meet.

Jeanette Holmes 18, a freshmen criminal justice student from Fort Lauderdale, said she plans on staying focused going into the classic.

“The second mile is where everyone starts breaking down so it’s about staying focused and keep doing what I was taught to do in practice,” Holmes said.

Holmes also said she has been doing a good job competing in the recent track meets. She said she is excited about the track meet.

“As a freshman, I feel I’m doing great,” Holmes said. “I have a good coach and from my experience from running track, I feel I’m doing better.”

Since the team won the game last year, Holmes said other schools are looking at FAMU as competition.

“Basically, everyone is after us so we really want to do what we have to do and win it again this year,” Holmes said.

Malone said the team as a whole has been doing a good job, but Kelle Ransom has been stepping up.

Ransom, 19, a public relations student from Atlanta, said that with her team recognizing how successful she has been in the last matches makes her feel like a role model.

“I feel special,” Ransom said. “That shows I’m doing something.”

Holmes has personal goals for being successful in this tournament and contributing to a team win.

“I plan on placing in the top level between one through 10,” Holmes said.

Helena Shields, 18, a freshman political science student from Western Salem, N.C. has the same goals in mind. Shields said she wants to be placed in the top ten.

“Whenever I start, I try to start in the front so I won’t have to work my way into place so that when it comes down to the finish line it won’t be so hard to move forward,” said Shields.

Shields said so far she thinks she has been on the right track.”I think I’ve been doing okay,” Shields said. “I could get better and I’m trying to lower my time.”

Ransom said that she is pleased the freshmen are so determined and looks forward to this season.

“I’m very excited about the season,” Ransom said. “Hopefully the indoor and outdoor season we do great and place top in the MEAC.