Trip to Atlanta good for students

Many Florida A&M University students are going to be “leaving on that midnight train to Georgia,” well maybe not the train.

Yes, Georgia is a wonderful place to live, but this weekend it is all about the Atlanta Classic.

The weekend will be filled with Florida A&M University fans from all walks of life coming to see the Rattler football team battle Tennessee State University Tigers on the gridiron.

And they are doing it even with gas prices rising.

Many students say they are going to ride the student government fan bus. But what happens when the bus gets full? Are you still going to want to go to that event?

Some students say they are not going to let the gas prices slow them down.

The average price of regular gas was as high as $4.04 a gallon in Georgia, while some stations prices dipped as low as $3.59, according to

The dedication of FAMU fans is so great they would make the sacrifice of traveling five hours to waste over $60 dollars in gas.

“I Believe in FAMU” is the slogan branded across many shirts and FAMU students and alumni live by it.

So as FAMU students, we should hop in our vehicles and take a ride to the sweet old state Georgia.

This is the best time to support our university.

Hopefully, the Rattlers can pull out a win.

Earlena Boswell for the editorial board.