New age women scaring off men

Traditionally the wife stayed at home and took care of the children while the husband brought home the bacon. But times have changed. This year’s presidential campaigns proved it. It was the first time a Republican woman ran for vice-president of America.

Many women head the household and are bringing home their own bacon. The working woman is achieving more than before and the “independent” woman is on the rise. For the past couple of months, there have even been hip-hop songs glorifying the independence of women.

Most men often find it attractive for a woman to be independent. Many men say they prefer a woman who has her own “thing” going on and does not need a man for anything. However, most of the independent women I know are single. So what’s wrong with them?

Many men may disagree, but I think men are intimidated by a woman who has it together. When a guy approaches me and he realizes what I have accomplished, and my continuing path to success- and that I did it on my own, I immediately get reactions like, “Well I guess you don’t need me” or “I know you got plenty of men.” It is almost like they become insecure to know they are not needed.

A guy I know even admitted that some women can be intimidating. He said it doesn’t feel right to date a female that is more financially stable than he is because it makes him feel less of man. He said dating a woman with her head on right puts pressure on men to do better. And men just don’t want that type of pressure.

Huberta Jackson-Lowman, chairman of the department of Psychology at Florida A&M University, said men have been taught by society to believe that women need them financially.

“They feel they’re not as much of a man if they can not take care of a woman on that level.”

This may be the reason men are standoffish towards women because they feel they are not needed. Most men say this is what they want, but when it’s in their face, they don’t know what to do because they are so used to things being the other way around.

There’s nothing wrong with a strong woman holding it down at home and sometimes for her man. Yes, women can enjoy the luxuries of a man doing nice things for her, but that’s not all it is about. Women may be financially independent, but most women want men to respond to them emotionally. So there is some dependence. For my guys still searching for that special someone, don’t let a woman’s success deter you from approaching her. She still needs you, but what she needs is not in your wallet.

Brook England is a senior broadcast student from Miami. She can be reached at