McCain using crisis to buy time, more votes

After all the bad press that John McCain has recently received from his change in views about the bailout, it’s no wonder he proposed Wednesday to reschedule the presidential debate.

According to an article posted on www., John McCain has suggested that Barack Obama’s delay Friday’s debate to assist with solving the country’s financial crisis. While McCain thinks the debate should be moved, Obama disagreed, saying that a president must be a multi-tasker.

Moving the debate to next week gives McCain more time to formulate his opinions on political topics rather than answer questions about them on the spot. McCain has been flip-flopping on whether or not it is right or wrong to bail out the dominated markets of Wall Street.

Americans need to know his plans for the economy if he is elected president.

A president cannot put a meeting to the side just to handle one crisis.

A president must be able to show up to a business meeting at the Capitol, go to a school in California and read books to students then fly to Great Britain in a short amount of time.

The problems with Wall Street are not the only issues weighing on the minds of every American. Some want to hear what the presidential candidates have to say about abortion or the ending of the war in Iraq.

As a president, you must serve everyone and not one topic at a time.

But, it may be beneficial for McCain to move the debate. He does not need any more bad press.

Latasha Edwards for the editorial board.