Game cover may jinx players

Snagging the cover of the Madden video game box says a lot about a football player, but there is a popular theory that players who achieve the honor are bound to have a bad season.

It’s called the Madden jinx, and many students are buying into the hype.

“It just happens. Every year the person on the cover always gets injured,” said Bobby Johnson, 21, a biology student from Rochester, N.Y. “It’s not something we think is going to happen, it usually happens.”

This years 2009 cover featured Brett Favre, a former Green Bay Packer legend who plays for the New York Jets .

Favre was starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers from 1992 to 2007.

Johnson said that before Favre was on the cover of Madden, his career was very successful, but he isn’t so sure it will last.

“He has had a good career,” Johnson said. “A lot of players in the NFL usually don’t make it that far.”

Favre played a total of 16 seasons before retiring.

Favre is the only three-time AP-MVP in NFL history who led the Packers to seven division championships, two NFC championships and one Super Bowl Championship, according to

But another Madden jinx maybe rearing it’s ugly head.

Favre’s Jets faced the San Diego Chargers Monday night and it was somewhat a disappointment for the Jets.

The Chargers won 48 to 29 sending Favre- who led the packers to an improbable 13-3 record last year- to a 1-2 record on the year.

Favre threw two interceptions, one of which was returned 52 yards for a touchdown. Favre finished the game 30-for- 42 for 271 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions.

After the game he was seen limping after rolling his left ankle in the third quarter.

Some students are considering whether are not being on the cover of Madden is really a jinx.

Demetris Lane, an avid Madden player, said that it is proven that these football players start having problems with their career after being put on the cover.

“I believe in it, because it shows, and you can’t argue with statistics,” said Lane, 21, a criminal justice student from Hollywood.

While some students believe that being on the cover of Madden can be a jinx, others students say that most players who get the spot play completely fine.

“I don’t believe Favre or anyone else on the cover of Madden has some kind of curse,” said Andre Jacobs, 20, a junior criminal justice student from Ocala. “Everybody knows Brett Favre is a good football player. He has been playing in the NFL long enough.”

Ricky Miller, 21, a physical therapy student from Delray Beach doesn’t agree, “Players like Ray Lewis, Vince Young and even Michael Vick had bad seasons or got injured the year they were featured on the cover of Madden.”