First aid course helps save student’s life in SJGC

Yakesia Daniels, a graduating Graphic Design student from Tallahasse, found herself responding to a fellow student who collapsed Tuesday afternoon. 

The student was on her way to class when she buckled in the hallway of the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication building. 

Xion Lester, a classmate of the victim, was exiting the class when she noticed the young lady lying on the floor. Lester said she recalls being uneasy about the situation but responded adequately.

“I was nervous and scared,” Lester said. “I told professor Gordon and then called 911.”

After recommending that someone phone for help, Gordon, a visiting assistant professor and director of internships and placement in SJGC, responded to the student along with Daniels. 

After taking a first aid elective course during the summer of 2008 with Professor Jorge Olaves, Daniels became certified in CPR.

“I never thought in a million years that I would have to use my knowledge on a real person in need,” Daniels said.

Keith Blue, a third year public relations student from Jacksonville, was also in class that day and was able to offer information about the students’ history of health as Daniels expertly read the students pulse while checking for responsiveness. 

Blue has known the student for a year and was glad that he could help with the situation.

“I’m glad that everything was alright and she was able to live to see another day,” Blue said. 

Daniels who initially took the course to receive financial aid for summer school recommends that every student consider enrolling in the first aid course as an elective because it can be beneficial.

“This was an experience that I will never take for granted, because I was in the right place at the right time,” Daniels said. 

The first aid course is a class that is mandatory for health related majors, however, the course can also be taken as an elective for non-health related majors. 

Gordon accompanied the student to the hospital where she received further care.