Coach tests new arena

Recently Florida A&M University named Ledawn Gibson as the new head coach of the women’s basketball team.  Former head coach of Winter Haven High School’s women’s basketball team, Gibson will be taking the reins of the university’s team in the fall.

Gibson has high hopes and is striving for the best. 

“I want to bring the winning spirit back to the woman’s program,” Gibson said. 

Gibson plans to revamp her coaching staff by bringing in a few new faces including Latasha Shipman, formally of Shaw University. 

“There’s going to be an all new staff,” Gibson said. 

Gibson said she plans to have a great impact on her players.

“I want my winning spirit to encourage them to take it all the way,” Gibson said.

Even though Gibson is coming from a high school program, faith in her coaching ability is high among the lady Rattlers. 

“I believe she has what it takes to spark up the team. She has already made it known to us that losing is not an option and that we must go hard on everything that we do,” said lady Rattler Melissa Daniels.  “I believe that we have a coach that’s going to take us straight to the top by any means necessary.”

After meeting with the girls, Gibson can already feel the chemistry between them. 

“They are great girls and we both know what we need to do … everything is going over pretty good,” Gibson said. 

Forward Stephanie Foster said that Gibson has high hopes for the team this season.

“I really like her and I can tell she and the rest of the coaching staff expect a lot from us.  Everyone is working hard and ready to win,” Foster said.

Players are optimistic about Gibson.

“I’m just expecting for her to do great things with our team as far was winning and teach us how to be a baller and a young lady,” Daniels said.

Gibson does not have plans to make any major changes to the team.

“I have met with the seniors like I planned, but have not, as of right now, finalized any changes to the team,” Gibson said. 

Even though Gibson said she has no plans to change the team, some players are open to change for the upcoming season. 

“A winning season would be a nice change and going to the big dance would be a plus,” Daniels said.

It is clear that both Gibson and the team have the same goal in mind.

“I want to win the MEAC Championship,” Gibson said. 

Foster has the same goal in her sights.

“I want to win the MEAC Championship and go to the big dance,” Foster said.