Campus business addressed in senate session

The fifth session of the 38th Student Senate convened on Monday to confirm five students’ positions in the FAMU Student Government Association Executive and Legislative Branches.

Lark Mitchell, 22, a senior healthcare management student from Lakeland, Fla. was given the position of deputy secretary of the office of the surgeon general.

Sophomore senator Valencia Witherspoon granted this motion.

“She has really great experience with working with health organizations,” Witherspoon said.

This year the Office of the Surgeon General will be organizing the 2nd Annual Pink Tie Ball, World Aids Day Carnival and A Day at the Capitol.

“The main focus for our office is ‘protecting your health on the hill’,” Mitchell said.

Andre Dawson was confirmed as deputy secretary of athletic affairs.

“I am definitely excited and thrilled about being confirmed,” said Dawson, 19, a sophomore business student from Tampa, Fla.

Angela Christie, 19, a junior professional MBA student from Columbus, Ohio was the last Executive Branch confirmation. She will serve as the deputy secretary of communications.

“I have been given a great opportunity to serve the student body,” Christie said.

Willie Smith filled a vacant senate seat and was confirmed as a sophomore senator.

“I feel that I am going to be able to enact change,” said Smith, 19, a sophomore professional MBA student from West Palm Beach, Fla.

The last confirmation of the evening was Ashley Nelson, 21, a senior occupational therapy student from Port Saint Lucie. Nelson filled the vacant senior senator position.

She was happy about solidifying the position.

“It is exciting; I’m fired up and ready to go for the students,” Nelson said.

Smith and Nelson were both sworn into office by the Secretary of State for the A&M Administration, John Williams.

In addition to confirmations, Kamilia Landrum, 19, a sophomore business student from Detroit, Michigan said the senate passed a motion to audit the SGA Joint Operations account.

“SGA has responsibilities to audit all accounts funded by Activity & Service Fees.” Landrum said. “Joint Operations falls under that umbrella.”

Landrum, a sophomore senator and organization and finance committee chair made the motion. Landrum saud all A&S agencies will be audited throughout the year.

The SGA Joint Operations account funds all the expenses shared by the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches of SGA. These expenses include the SGA office manager’s salary, office supplies and office furniture.

Gregory Woodall, chief of staff for the executive branch announced that there will be a SGA volunteer meeting on Thursday, Sept. 25, at 8:30 p.m. in the Senate Chambers.

Interested volunteers can learn more at upcoming events. The executive branch can be contacted via e-mail at