Rumors about voting unfounded

No one will ever forget the 2000 presidential election.

Thousands of Floridian votes were lost, unaccounted for and thrown away because of problems with the polls.

Since then, Florida has been considered a state plagued with uncertainty during the election cycles.

With Nov. 4 steadily approaching, that plague is turning into an epidemic.

Over the past few weeks, rumors have circulated that the address on voters’ driver licenses have to match the address on voters’ registration cards, in order to vote in a given district.

The addresses on your voter registration card and driver’s license DO NOT have to match.

For those who have not received a voter registration card or have simply misplaced it, don’t fret.

Voter registration cards ARE NOT required to vote, only photo identification and proof of a signature.

For freshmen and all other Rattlers who still have their out-of-state driver’s license, an electric bill or any type of mail as proof of new residence must accompany this form of identification. Just be sure to vote!

Unlike previous elections in which the power of the vote was in the hands of the baby boomers, during this election cycle, the power of the vote lies in the hands of America’s youth.

Around the nation, students have planned campaign rallies and voter registration drives in order to promote the candidates.

Do not let all this work be done in vain by throwing away your right to vote.

Kiffani Jones for the editorial board.