Cable lost in housing complex

Florida A&M University’s students in housing complex, Palmetto South, are currently without cable.

Jarvis Barnes, 21, junior resident assistant, said when the Department of Housing decided to go digital and use communication boxes, Palmetto lost its means of cable. “We don’t have cable because we don’t have a communication box,” Barnes said.

Robert Seniors, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Enterprise Information Technology (E.I.T), further explained the situation.

“EIT was unable to install cable at Palmetto South because of the unavailability of suitable closet space to house the equipment needed,” Seniors said.

Oscar Crumity, resident director of housing, said FAMU’s apartment complex requires some work before cable is installed.

“Palmetto South will require closets to house the equipment,” Crumity said.

However, he said he does not know when these closets will be completed.

According to Barnes, residents come down everyday asking about the cable.

“We haven’t had cable since school started,” said Ciera Reed, a 19-year-old sophomore. “They said something about canceling with Comcast.”

Reed also said that when she went to complain about the issue at the Palmetto South housing office, they told her they had other important things to handle.

“I asked if they can deduct my cost for cable and they said no,” Reed said.

Shaina Boyd, 18, a freshman shared the same complaint.

“If we don’t have cable, don’t make us pay for it,” Boyd said. “It’s depressing sitting in the room with no cable, all you have is dark walls and leaking ceilings. “

Reed said Palmetto North and Phase III all have working cable.

According to Seniors, the department of Enterprise Information Technology is currently working with other departments on campus to find an alternate solution.

On the other hand, Barnes said Palmetto is in the process of purchasing a communication box for cable in the near future. The Palmetto South resident director refused to comment.