Next president must fix economy

The notion of America teetering on the edge of a recession has become a reality. The constant drop in points at Wall Street should strike a note with all Americans.

However, some American’s aren’t even aware that the Dow Jones average dropped to 504 points last week. A drop like this hasn’t occurred since after Sept. 11.

Now, well-known companies such as Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers, are being bought out or having to file for bankruptcy.

These are definitely signs that the times are not getting better.

America’s pocketbook is already light. That’s from the billions of dollars that must continuously fund the war in Iraq.

If Congress passes the bill to bail out troubled financial institutions there will be $700 billion added to the nation’s budget.

With all of these warnings, it is time for Americans to take a glimpse in the mirror.

While no one can change the current leader, next year’s leadership can be determined. It is America’s responsibility to look at each candidate’s platform.

Their answers and plans for the U.S. must be scrutinized. Complaining about what has happened in America is irrelevant. It is in the past.

It’s history. The future now depends on the careful examination of our country’s future president.

So pay attention to the news and read. Decide for yourself what is right. Whether you realize it or not, every decision up until the day you walk into the voting booth, will affect you four years from now.

Take the time while you have the chance to decide who will actually make a change for America.

A’sia Horne-Smith for the editorial board.