New web site updates Florida fans on local teams

Florida sports fans do not have to look any further for information about their favorite Sunshine state teams.  A brand new website developed by Ron Sachs called was launched on Aug. 25.

“It’s a one-stop spot for Florida fans to get information about their favorite teams,”  said Ryan Banfill, the websites manager.

The site is a compilation of different sports.

It provides information about any major college and professional team within the state of Florida and is constantly updated.

“With the size of Florida, there are countless teams, schools and events that Florida fans would love to keep track of, but simply do not have the time to fish around the web trying to track down their favorite teams,” Sachs said.

Erica Villanueva, an employee of, said the site has everything a sports fan needs.

“You name it, it’s in there,” Villanueva said.

The site has links to other media sources all across the state like newspapers including: Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post and Orlando Sentinel and sport commentators for that paper.

 It also has links to Florida Television sports sites in cities including Tallahassee, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and Orlando to name a few.

The site also has links to direct professional and collegiate teams and high school teams.

“No other site is like it for Florida sport fans,” Villanueva said.

Along with the multiple links to the various teams around Florida, has a blog section, links to other fantasy sports sites and a new feature called the Game Face TV program.

 “I try to be the voice of the sports fan,” said Gary Fineout who contributes to the site by doing the sports blog.

 The site also tries to help accommodate sports fans who do not have a lot of time on their hands.

“People are busy and this is the place where they can get news that they care about,” Banfill said.