Flag football brings out passion

Next week the season for intramural flag football begins and students currently on the teams are looking forward to it.

Robert Brown, intramural coordinator, said that intramural flag football teams compete strictly between other student teams on campus.

“Any student that decides that they want to participate in [flag football]-they get a get a team together,” Brown said. “We place them against other teams to compete.”

Brown said that intramural sports have been around for about 30 years and one of their goals is to help students network.

“It’s really to let students come out and play,” Brown said. “A lot of times what happens, students get to school and they hear get good grades. We allow students to come out and participate to be a well-rounded student.”

The Recreational Center has done numerous things to gain the attention and to get people informed about flag football.

“We have flyers. We’re on Facebook. We have a website famu.edu/campusrec,” Brown said.

Brown said currently there are about 32 teams who have signed up.

“A lot of our leagues are coed leagues,” Brown said.

Jarvis Dennison, 21, a senior computer information student from Mobile, Ala., said his interest in flag football began his freshman year and that’s when he formed his team.

“All of us just met freshman year. We have been playing ever since,” said Dennison, captain of the team The Block. “We built chemistry.”

Dennison said his team came up with their team name, The Block, because they were always seen on the side of Gibbs Hall.

“Freshman year, most of us stayed in Gibbs,” Dennison said. “People use to call us The Block and we’ve been running with it every since.”

He said that he decided to play flag football because he always had a passion for football.

“I love playing football regardless,” Dennison said. “I really didn’t want to play for the school.”

Unlike Dennison, Moses Roberts’s team, Pattyfoote, which currently has 15 members, said their team wanted to play with the school, but they were not able to.

“A lot of my players wanted to, but the NCAA clearing house didn’t clear them,” said Roberts, 18, a freshman mechanical engineering student from Tucson, Ariz.

Roberts expects that his team will go far in competition.

“We’re going to go far because we have a lot of athletes on the team,” Roberts said. “We’ve had one practice so far. We’ll probably only have two before the first game.”