Teen issues demand attention

STDs and gas prices are not the only things that have people worried. Apparently teenagers are also a major concern.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Monday, a 17-year-old boy was arrested for participating in a high-speed vehicle chase that extended 23 miles. The teenager had been linked to a robbery at a Food Mart.

The boy fired shots at the police, while they were chasing him. During his arrest, police found a shotgun and handgun on him.

The question doesn’t even need to be asked-if teens are getting too violent?

It seems like every time someone looks at the news there are numerous cases about teens committing crimes.

It’s a shame how easy it is for a teenager to get a gun these days. Shopping for a gun as a teen these days is like shopping in a grocery store. Your product is available most of the time and if it is out of stock, it is quickly replaced.

In this case, a shotgun and a handgun. This boy could of killed himself or other innocent people.

It seems as if parents are not doing a good job raising their children. What was this boy doing robbing a store?

He should have been at home studying trying to graduate from high school.

This teenager did not even value his own life because the police could of fired back and killed him after the many shots that he fired at them.

Because teenagers are becoming so disruptive, you can’t even give them advice anymore, they might just shoot you.

Latasha Edwards for the editorial board.