Flag football tryouts held

Florida A&M University’s Intramural Women’s flag football team held their first tryouts Tuesday night.

The girls’ team is a traveling squad that started up two years ago. The head coach Marvin Green is a alumnus of FAMU who has 12 years of coaching experience.

The team won the 2007 Pontiac American Collegiate Intramural Sports flag football championship and 2008 National Intramural & Recreational Sports Association National Campus Championship Series. The girls went 10-0 in both tournaments.

Green said that he enjoys coaching the team because of their strong work ethic.

” I feel like the girls have come back more committed and dedicated,” Green said. Green also said that the ladies are rebuilding the program and progressing forward.

“They are taking a lot more ownership,” Green said.

April Roberts, who is currently the captain of the team, is excited about the upcoming season.

“Our goal for this season is to continue our record from last year at being champs,” said Roberts, a cardiopulmonary science student from Tampa.

Roberts played in high school for two years. Roberts said she is looking forward to playing their biggest rival, West Florida. Roberts is one of the running backs on the team.

” I have a thirst for being the champs again this year,” Roberts said.

Some team members’ goals are more personal.

Akauawana Sesler who is a rusher, said her goal is to “pull as many flags as possible and move to another position.”

Selser, a junior from Wildwood, has been a part of the team for two years, and she said flag football gives her a feeling of sisterhood.

” I love our growth, dedication and our sisterhood,” Selser said. We started out as single women and now we have become a team. We have been through a lot to get to here”

Ashley Livingston, 20, the team’s co-captain, said their team is trying to have practice and travel team.

“My main goal for the team is to bring home a title,” said Livingston who plays safety and center.

Autumn Harris, 18, a freshman from Tampa, and she said she is looking forward to playing this year being a new member.

“I’m excited to play on the college level,” Harris said.